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A simple test for life changing results.


There is nothing more important than looking after your health and wellbeing.


We at ‘Thrive’ know first-hand how important it is to take control and feel empowered when it comes to looking after something as precious as your health, wellness, fitness and overall vitality.

We use the most advanced Bioenergetic testing available to provide you with unprecedented insight into your own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.



Complete and return the prepaid sample kit that will arrive a few days after your purchase



We run various tests on your samples using advanced Bioenergetic Testing methods


Test results within 7 days along with any recommendations and a personal consultation with a Thrive practitioner to discuss the results

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Disclaimer: Thrive with Denise Kelly LLC does not claim to prevent, diagnose, cure, prescribe or treat any illness or disease by using our natural herbal products or services. If you have concerns about your health, please consult your GP.


Important Information: The Human Health Test does not test for allergies. Bioenergetic testing is approved by the FDA to detect stress only. By removing the stressors that show up on the scan results for at least 60 days, our customers inform us that they get better. It makes sense. If you remove stress, the body can retrain itself to relax so the body can heal itself.

This is all accomplished through a non-invasive procedure, whereby utilizing a sample of your DNA from hair, nail and saliva, and a computer based programme that will measure the energy throughout the meridians in your body, enabling us to identify any imbalances and disturbances that may be occurring, giving us a detailed insight into your wellbeing.


Our technology has a 97% rate of accuracy and with over 10 years’ experience in Bioenergetic testing and having performed thousands of scans with people from all over the world, we at Thrive are well accomplished in seeing a true picture of how your body is functioning.

Did you know that more than 70% of humans, suffer from “functional disturbances,” when no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by conventional lab work, yet the person is still experiencing a myriad of symptoms?  Functional medicine is intended to bridge existing diagnostic and therapeutic gaps and give you, the information you need to achieve a well-balanced body.

In so far as Denise Kelly, the founder of Thrive, is a licensed nutritionist and accomplished Bioenergetic practitioner, careful attention has been given to creating specific customized holistic remedies for each person we scan. There is clear guidance as to what remedies, vitamins, minerals, superfoods, omega oils and other solutions we recommend. We have searched out the most reputable sources for natural, 100% organic products. We provide a detailed report of the results of your Bioenergetic scan and a personal consultation with one of our accomplished practitioners is included and can be gladly arranged. 




United Kingdom

"As a result of my short but fascinating consultation the machine indicated, amongst a host of other detail, I had some inflammation of the prostrate, a depressed dopamine level and consequential mood and my tooth cleaning could be improved. Amazing!


I have recently had to urinate more often and wondered why; my partner has had a stroke which explains my depressed mood and my dental hygienist is always telling me to be more patient with my teeth cleaning. Denise found out all this in less than a couple of hours. Find a doctor who can do that!


And with the advice how to reduce any inflammation and to boost dopamine by increasing my intake of omega-3 by including cold pressed seed oils, including ginger, turmeric and anti-inflammatory supplements and by reducing fried food, processed food and saturated fats; a charcoal based toothpaste would improve my teeth cleaning."



United Kingdom

"The test itself was quick and painless! Once again Denise went through all the results in full and was very reassuring to me when the machine picked up particular issues. 

The issues picked up by the machine were amazing. Some of the ailments, like a troublesome wisdom tooth, I already knew about, and a problematic shoulder. But, it also highlighted to me and Denise other areas in my body that needed some help to almost “reset”.  

Denise, and her machine, look at you from a holistic approach, which I like. Our body works as one, therefore needs to be treated as such.

I received a very informative book to which Denise added her recommendations, from diet, to superfoods, to some homeopathic remedies. The machine also managed to recommend an exercise regime to suit my body and its current needs. 

Overall I would highly recommend Denise and the test if you are looking for a holistic approach to your health from someone who is passionate about hers and your health."